Most respected fraternity

So, you’re wondering why no one has invited you to join the greatest most influentially respected fraternity in the World?

Camosun Lodge #60 Masonic Family Dinner Image Victoria BC

Camosun fellowship often involves food.

Fellowship is a significant component of freemasonry and to Camosun lodge in particular.

Fellowship occurs outside of lodge activities includes family and friends. It occurs before, during and after a communication as brothers.

My 33 year old son recently asked, “When are you going to ask me to be a Mason, Dad?” The fact is no one will ever ask or invite you to be a Mason! Traditionally, since the early seventeen hundreds, a person seeking to be a Mason must ask.

This is based on the the truism: “Seek and Ye Shall Find, Knock and the Door Shall Open.”

I am very pleased to say, my son did ask and his petition to become a Mason, was presented earlier this year!

Bro. Campbell, 2016

Camosun Lodge No.60 AF&AM BC&YR Masonic Logo Victoria BC

Where were you first prepared?

In the heart truly; but he who is not made also therein will never be made in the lodge, though he may go through all the forms. So unless you are prepared in the heart there is no room adjoining the lodge, however convenient, in which you will be prepared properly.

The Freemasons fraternity is not a club where one writes a cheque and it is a done deal.


The Freemasons fraternity offers opportunities for everyone. Whatever your desire, the catch is you must first achieve the ultimate degree of a “Master Mason”.

There are many aspects to the Freemasons fraternity:

  • The Shriners
  • The Eastern Star
  • The Scottish Rite
  • The Royal Arch Masons
  • The Knights Templar
  • The Order of DeMolay
  • Jobs Daughters

What peeks your interest?

  • To be in a marching band
  • Work with youth
  • Become part of the great partners teams
  • Enjoy acting and portraying different characters of historic legend

Enjoy meeting people?

How about meeting folks you might not meet otherwise:

  • Business tycoons
  • Political leaders
  • Educators
  • Your next door neighbours
  • The farmer down the lane
Camosun Lodge #60 Masonic Will You Be Of Or From? Image Victoria BC

Ok, so now what?

We all enter the fraternity in the same manner whether we be King Prince or Potentate. Commitment is essential in order to enjoy a successful Masonic career, which ultimately leads to greater success in all aspects of life.

Some men have joined the Masonic order, so as to be able to display the universal emblem of a Mason on their lapel or a ring. These folks have been sadly disappointed. Don’t be one of these men, you are only robbing yourself of being a part of the greatest fraternity in the world.

Look within yourself and appreciate what is being presented before you. This is an uncanny opportunity to be an honoured member

What Freemasonry does, is make good men better!